Holiday Cards 2010

Are you crazy about the holidays and wondering where the fresh holiday card designs are for 2010? They’re on the way – I promise! My creativity has gone into overtime this summer while developing designs for some top-notch professional photographer’s sites. Now the focus is back to my first love, Paper Locket, and the designs will soon be flowing. Thank you for your patience!!

And the card for us is …

So it seems that every single one of my most favorite designs was chosen by someone very close to me or I chose it for them…so, what to do?

Custom7 Custom_front3 


As a designer of holiday cards I should create something completely unique, right? Pressures on! So, this is what I came up with. We marked a date on the calendar that would be photo day – no turning back. I took the kids in the backyard and snapped a 100 shots of them, then let them pick their favorite, altered the photos with some amazing software (phew) and here we are! This card size is a 4"x8"  in size (unusual). Happy to say, 3 days later, we are done! Lesson learned – take advantage of the amazing photographers that partner with Paper Locket and schedule a session late summer or early fall and BE MERRY all season long!Bemerry 



FA LA LA LA LA…..and why do some of us wait until NOW to take some amazing photos (shown in a personalized 2006 anniversary design?!



Okay, I'm guilty of waiting…even with a summer trip to Cape Cod. I really thought I'd have some great beach candids, but given the ages of my kids (15,12,10) I think those days are over (for now).  Next year, right?!

Celebrating 5 years of Redefining the Holiday Photo Card!

Was it really 5 years ago when I thought…why not design personalized holiday cards that are not from a template?! I loved coming up with something unique for my family's holiday card every year, so threw the idea out there and watched it take off.

To celebrate our 5th year of re-defining the holiday card we've brought back 4 designs from the past at celebration prices. These designs are still hot hot HOT! Who knew ~ ! Check out our 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008 designs. Classic, simple and timeless.

2005_front 2006 

2007 2008 

What I celebrate most is receiving orders year after year from the wonderful families that have made Paper Locket cards a tradition. THANK YOU!!!

Holiday Card Season is Upon us ~ well some of us!

Of course Holiday Cards are my passion, so this is the most exciting time of year for me! The store is open (so to speak) with new and unique designs that are meant to showcase photos first and foremost. That's the reason all our designs are made-to-order. I think our most recent review from My Four Monkeys said it best:

"I received a few samples of some of the hoMy_four_monkeysliday card designs and I have
to say that I am impressed. These cards have so many things going for
them. Here are some of the ultra cool features:
  • 1 – 6 photos on any design: The card is designed exactly to your specifications!
  • 2-sided designs on a flat 5×7 card: Most holiday card websites do not offer two sided cards at no extra charge.
  • pearl paper {our favorite} or smooth thick cover: The cardstock they use is amazing! It's not glossy, but it has a faint shimmer to it, very "expensive looking" and thick too!
  • white envelopes included
  • return address can be added for .20 each
  • proofs provided in less than 72 hours
  • delivers in 2 business days"


Modern and Chic

And you thought I was referring to my holiday cards? Well yes, they are modern and chic, but so is YouData, advertisement that pays customers for their time.

As an online designer of custom photo products my biggest challenge is how to effectively reach out to my nationwide customers on a slim budget. I feel like I've done it all, short of radio and TV, and have questioned my results..until YouData came along. YouData is free to the consumer and easy to use. In short, a consumer sets up a MeFile that tells the advertiser exactly who they are. The advertiser pays the consumers to look at their ad only if they are a targeted match. Clever! Of course I tried it out as a customer, bookmarked some very cool sites, and used my YouData profits towards a business purchase.

With YouData, I get the one-on-one help from their very patient and friendly Sales Associate who can quickly set up a very specific ad campaign that is targeted to my exact customer. After I ran my first conservative campaign, I was hooked! In a matter of days, Paper Locket was in front of over 400 new or expecting moms with my specific demographics. The traffic has been instant, affordable, measurable, and again, very targeted.

YouData is an authentic way to advertise. I appreciate what they do as an advertiser probably as much as the consumer does. Money well spent and money well earned!

New Baby? New Designs!

And they're 20% off through September 18th. So spread the word to all those new moms with impeccable taste who appreciate SIMPLE! SHOP NOWPop

personalized designs are modified to fit 1 to 6 photos & your personal style
flat 5×7" 2-sided cards – professionally printed on thick cover stock (love that pearl paper best)
proofs in 48 hours and delivered to your doorstep in only 2 business days – that's fast!

making your precious moments a reality

Celebrate National Scrapbooking Day!

Over 4 years ago I retired my paper trimmer, rubber stamps and pattern paper for Adobe's Photoshop program ~ yet I'm still a scrapbooker.

Officially, I'm now a digital scrapbooker, designing layouts in my computer and ordering completed books through amazing professional printers. What's the digital world like? Sorta the same ~ photos piling up in my digital files, must-have purchases for patterns and designs, and best of all…still a labor of love! 04_05

Coincidentally, I found myself organizing the 'ole' scrapbooking stuff on this year's National Scrapbook Day. I was completely overwhelmed with all the paper I still have; what was I thinking?? And overwhelmed by the classes, retreats, and product assembly I evidently had the energy for…oh the fun we had!

Memory book780

I organized weekend retreats that included LOTS of product and classes with 30 to 50 scrappers. Our retreats were at places like La Conner's charming Country Inn, or the rustic Warm Beach (where many of us had record breaking scrapbooking success because that was ALL there was to do).

Some WOW memories for me:

40 for $40 > a class where we completed 40 scrapbook pages for only $40.

Blueprints for Never Fail Scrapbook Pages > cutting maps and assembly instructions for 10 layouts.

$1.50 Scrapbooking Kits ~ I think I must've assembled 1000 of them over the years. Everything you need to complete a unique layout: stickers, paper, die cuts, and instructions with a photos.

Oh, miss these days and friends dearly!

I want to get married again ….

to my husband just so we can dance down the aisle like this!

Had to pull out & dust off my 17+ year old wedding photos to preview the dancing potential…what do you think – holding back some dance moves?


What a fun way to take a pass on tradition and go for self expression. Love it!

Yes, my hubby would go for it ~ that's the kind of man I married…

and then there was my  Grandma Ruth, no dancing shoes needed! No question, she definitely would've danced down the aisle! Bless her heart.