In  2007 Miller’s Lab made the decision to add a storefront to their site that would sell designer templates to the professional photographer. Many of the pro-photographer’s clients were starting to ask for designer ‘press products’ (birth announcements, holiday cards..etc).  Miller’s search for template designers was very easy, they just had to look on their presses to see who was already designing personalized photo cards ..and they found me. I’ve been a long-time loyal customer of Miller’s Lab, ordering all of my Paper Locket photo cards through them for my online personalized card business. Each card I put through was uniquely different and really caught their eye!

That’s the beginning – and from there my designs have became available for resale through Bay Photo and WHCC.

I’m thrilled to announce that my designs can now be purchased directly from my Paper Locket storefront !! Selling direct allows me to unleash my creativity and personally connect with the photographers who are purchasing my designs. I love getting feedback – learning firsthand what’s working, what is needed, and how I can help the photographer meet the needs of their clients!

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