Of course, being a holiday card enthusiast,  I’m super excited when the cards start to arrive in my mailbox. Most importantly, I love how they connect us to all our family and friends throughout the holidays.

Next on the list…love the photos.  They’re more than holiday cards, they’re keepsakes. It’s so fun visiting friends and checking out all the holiday cards hanging on their bulletin board all year long! You guessed it – I have all the photo cards

ever sent to us in a photo box!!

Then there are the fabulous letters. We put all the letters in a basket and wait until Christmas Day to read them all.  The best letters are the ones on the backside of a Paper Locket card (no, really love them all)!! A greeting is not always a 1-liner, so keep those letters coming, don’t change a thing, and know that my made-to-order process makes it possible for you to  add your family letter to any card design.