Doesn't it seem like we're always planning for the next birthday party. Only hours after one birthday ends, they start talking about what their next year's party will be like.

I actually LOVE planning parties. It's a fun challenge for me to piece together their hobbies, passions, current trends & favorite things into a party theme. Of course, designing the invitation is one of my favorites too…. (invitation was a combination of 3 photos).
HoopWhile on vacation this summer, we watched Sophie hoop it up on the beaches of Cape Cod, all day long. So, thinking up a theme was easy ~ A Hooping Party!IMG_2054

Now I had the task of finding someone who'd teach her & her friends some new moves. Lucky for us, Susan Chace of Hoop Delite teaches hooping exercise classes for adults in the Seattle area. She was more than happy to come to our kiddie party and show us some new hip moves.

Susan was GREAT! IMG_2076The girls hooped for almost an hour to some tunes, played hoop games, and made a hoop tunnel. To my surprise, I was even able to hoop along using her extra large hoops. Loved the photo opportunities, too!


So, what's next? I have about four  months to dream up  a theme for the next child's birthday…much harder when they're turning a cool 12 years old!!