I really enjoy it when a client calls upon me to 'create' something fun and unique for them ~ so carefree and trusting!

Without really knowing where we'll end up, I begin with their favorite photos, their vision of what they want (absolutely not necessary), and then I just go for it. Somehow the photos lead the way for me. Maybe it's a design I pull out of my portfolio that seems fitting or something created from scratch…either way it's a one-of-a-kind.

I recently had the honor of creating a custom Valentine's Day card for one of Misty's extremely fun and photogenic clients (Babes Wherry Ink).

Design Steps:

1. Client's 4 incredible photos ~ of course we had to use every single one of them!


2. Client's thoughts on the design – "The look Iā€™m going for is that bright, fresh, 70ā€™s-esque, candy-colored style.  I would like the text to say, Wishing you lots of love and laughter this Valentines and all throughout the year!"

3. What designer wouldn't be inspired by these photos? When I think of the 70's, I think of Woolworth's photo booth (WAIT, editorial correction … that would be very late 70's/early 80's for me).  I went with the 3-D photo frame look, textured paper, a very fun font, and stamped hearts. We went with a 4×8 flat card on a pearl paper. All this created in photoshop.

4. Happy client – happy designer. šŸ™‚ And many happy recipients! Thank you for being fun and for being mine to design for!! XXOO