Holiday Photo Cards

2008’s Holiday Cards are HERE!

Making a list and checking it twice means rattling your brains about Holiday cards.
Now let's see … hmmm … you don't want to grab a box of 10 from the store (boring), you could go to the web sites that everyone is going to and pick from three colors of card (nah), you could …yep, it's starting to feel like a headache.
Put an end to this annual chore and see how simple it is to transform cards into keepsakes that family and friends will treasure for years.

Begin with that darling photo of the kids from summer, or the family reunion in fall, or perhaps it's the cutest puppy you bought. (No need to tell everyone he's chewed 10 pairs of shoes…)
Go to and in three easy steps you will be able to design and order your own cards with fun, emotional, poignant memories that take just days to get to your doorstep.

It's simple to send the PERFECT holiday card this year with  Paper Locket. Rich archival cardstock, flat 5×7 cards, 2-sided designs, that arrive in only a few days.
Each card is customizable and can accommodate a single photo or several photos, so all you have to do is click on your favorite design, upload your photos, and we're off designing for you. Completely custom designs are available too, for people who love surprises!

Well, put away the ibuprofen and rattle your brains no more.
Paper Locket, named as a favorite of TotTrendsWeekly, provides a simple way to send the perfect holiday card!


Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Wearing green and feeling lucky?! Me too. Irish

So much is brewing here at Paper Locket. I’d say everyone is going to feel very lucky the day they need a card QUICKLY…because we’re just about ready to announce our Quick Cards. Themed pre-set designs, for only $15. Wow!
Need a party invitation? Want to send a fun seasonal greeting? Need to make an announcement?
So you want a clever card quickly?
How it works:

  1. Pick one of our exclusive 5×7 Quick Card designs.
  2. Submit a photo and your personal content.
  3. Within 24 hours we’ll email your personalized quick card to you and you print it out.
  4. Print it on your home printer or order 5×7 photo prints from your favorite photo developer (Costco?!).
  5. Use the image on your family blog, email your friends…so many choices!

Good stuff to know >
new designs added weekly & one free one for our customers will be offered every month!! Wow – now how lucky are you?!


Valentine_2 Our family ‘marked’ the day with Paper Locket bookmarks featuring our Golden Doodle, Macy, and her puppy love, Cruise! I know – not on the website yet…oops!

We’ll just call it product testing. And yes, they turned out beautifully on the amazing pearl paper.

More amazing was the wedding we had for the dogs last summer. Maybe the wedding was just a clever way to become ‘related’ through marriage to our very FUN neighbors!! I better get busy designing that dog-gone wedding book.

Now go get kissed!

It’s 2008 – Happy New Year!!

I’m hearing from MANY that 2008 is going to be a great year. I have to agree!! Positive thoughts, only!

Paper Locket is still riding the holiday wave of excitement — it’s an honor to be part of such a personal  & sentimental greeting exchange. Click on our ’07 holiday card gallery to peek at some of our customer’s personalized designs.

Thank you, Starbucks!! I was lucky enough to be the featured artist at the Richmond Beach Starbucks  November & December. The wall was filled with samples of personalized holiday cards.
Starbucks My display of cards came down in January and I was able to replace it with a large display of personalized wall art. I tell you, it’s a great year!

Mid-January, Paper Locket will have the wall at the University Village Starbucks (next to The Land of Nod) with a display of Baby Announcements! If you’re in the neighborhood make sure to stop by and check it out.

Wishing all happiness and magical moments in 2008!

It’s time for the HOLIDAYS – so order your holiday cards!!

I hope everyone had a special Thanksgiving with family and friends. And now, suddenly, it’s time to plan for the holidays! Some of Paper Locket’s customers have already sent their cards out, and many have them in their envelopes ready to go… Now that’s organized!  It’s not too late to order – see our delivery schedule.

henninger photography was an absolute blessing to many this summer and fall with her outdoor photography/card packages. She tells me there might be a few more dates available before December 10th.

As for my family’s card…the same night I told my husband I didn’t think I’d have time to get our card designed, I magically finished them! Must’ve been that ‘look’ he gave me. Thanks to henninger photography, we had so many wonderful photos to choose from. (Take a peek > ) 



What a wonderful feeling to cross that off the list. I’m sure you know what I mean!
I’m looking forward to designing many more unique holiday cards using your favorite photos. Remember that any design can be altered to fit your number of photos and personal style.

It’s November!

Wait…it’s almost mid November – already! Before we know it, holiday chaos will be amongst us.
Well, I guess I’ve got a head start in that department! But I absolutely love this time of year – creating personal holiday cards out of special photos is quite an honor. It’s exciting to see how families change from year to year.  Linear_lg

The "Linear" card to the left was actually from 2006.

Take a look at how these two went from toddlers to hot shots! Yikes!

I just calculated the delivery dates for Holiday Cards (see it here) and there are plenty of days left to get your order in. The sooner the better though! I know everyone wants to cross something BIG off their list.

Looking forward to receiving your photos and holiday card order! Be sure to look at some of the most recent designs in our 2007 holiday card gallery!

Holiday Card Designs – just added to the gallery!

Sassy_sm_2 What’s going on in the studio? New designs are ‘going on’! Here is a peak at a few new ones just added to our holiday gallery. More and more to come!!

Remember, any design can be altered to fit your photos, and design preferences – like favorite fonts and colors.

(above – Sassy & below – Gracious + a variation)

Gracious_smIn the first two designs, the images have been altered to appear a bit faded. These would really look great on metallic photo paper! {images provided by melissa henninger photography}


A simple variation to the Gracious design. Many more examples of design variations will soon be added to the website. Check back often!
Off to design-land!